Help and frequently asked questions


Is meets compatible with my phone number?
Of course. We support all mobile numbers world wide, but since nobody is perfect, sometimes we have momentary problems. Email us to if you have any troubles and we will help you.
Why is it neccesary the phone number and the access to the phonebook?
We must be sure that no one is using your number to make plans. We synchronize your phonebook to let you know who of them are already using meets, and who is going to the party :). And be sure we do not store or spam your contacts agenda.
I'm not receiving the verification code by SMS to activate my account
As we already said, nobody is perfect, but we are getting near. If you are not receiving the SMS, just wait 5 minutes and one of our robots will call you personally to tell you the verification code. Just in case they are taking coffee, repeat the process and wait a little bit so we can attend the request. If you receive two SMS at the same time, use the last one. If you still can not finish the registration process email us to and we will help you.
Ehm...this is embarrassing..but I failed three times writing the verification code, what can I do?
No problem! Just wait a couple of minutes and repeat the steps of the registration process from the beginning.
I changed my phonenumber and I would love to keep meets with my new number, what can I do?
We love you too. Until we find a better system we propose you this. Reinstall the app and make the registration with the new number :D.


My contacts are not being loaded, what's going on?
In the contacts tab we will show you all the people from your phonebook that are registered already in meets, and also the rest of the people you are able to invite to your plans. When one of your contact register in meets we will send you a push notification. You can refresh them manually dragging down that screen. If you still don't see any contact, check that your phonebook is not empty. If you still don't see any contact, check that you grant permissions to meets to access your contacts. If you still don't see any contact, congrats, welcome to the lonely planet.
What happens if I block a contact?
When you block someone in meets, you stop receiving plans from them. You can be in the same plan if a third person invite you both but they will not be able to send you location requests. This process is not retroactive, so if you travel to the past you will see that the contact is not blocked yet, so don't be confused. You will keep all the plans they invited you. Blocking someone does not delete the person from your contact list.
How do I block/unblock a contact?
If you want to block a contact, so you don't receive notifications from him, go the contact profile from the contact list and click on Block. That message will change to Unblock when someone is blocked.
What are the groups for?
The group of contacts make your life easier. You can invite easier all that people to your plans. Ex. afterwork group, people from the university, close friends, heads of state...


How do I see the photo gallery?
If you want to see the photo gallery, you will have to tap on the main picture of the plan. You will see all the pictures that were uploaded by the guests of the plan.
I can't share my location
If you can't share your location, there might be some reasons:
  • You didn't activate the location in options tab. Even if you activate it, you will have to give the consent every time you want to share it.
  • You didn't activate the GPS in the mobilephone
There is no one in the map
If you can't see any contact in the map, there might be some reasons:
  • You didn't activate the location in options tab. Even if you activate it, you will have to give the consent every time you want to share it.
  • No one shared their location yet. Be brave and ask where are they!
How do I share my location?
Sharing the location is really easy, once you are in a plan, you only have to tap on the map to see the location of all your friends and also yours. To share your location with your friends tap on your name in the right side panel.


Why meets is not connecting?
There might be some reasons. The most common one is that you are not connected to internet. To be able to update all the information of the plans, you need to be connected to internet. If your internet connection is working correctly, it could be that the server of meets is out of service, in that case our team will not rest until the app is working properly.
Is it free of charge to create plans with meets?
It's completly free. meets is not charging and will not charge anything for any of the services it offers.
Are my messages securely stored?
We are really concern about privacy and security. We like to keep the data information protected because we know how important is it for all of you. The information of the plans, contact, comments and location is completly cyphered.
Help me, my push notifications are not working!
There might be some reasons that explains why you are not receiving the notifications.
  • The first one, is that you have disabled the notifications in your device. In that case you will have to access to the configuration of your device and activate them.
  • You could have disabled the notifications inside meets. Just go to the options tab and activate them.